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APSWin Bid Solicitation Management

 Affordable software for managing bid lists, bid solicitations, and bidder response.

 Enter bid solicitations quickly and accurately.


Print bid invitations, RFQs, RFPs, and amendments or create Web documents.

APSWin Bid Solicitation Management lets you automate vendors, commodities, bid lists, bid solicitations, amendments and bidder response.

 Benefits include:

Includes the APSWin Vendor Management module for managing vendors, commodities and bid lists.

  Maintain department and buyer information that can be quickly included in bid solicitations.

  Maintain standard text of commonly used terms and phrases that can be quickly included in bid solicitations.

  Prepare and track bid solicitations, including status, referenced bidders and selected bidders, items, and amendments.  Descriptive information can be spell checked and merged with standard text.

  You have several choices for sending the bid solicitation document. You can print hard copies on your printer or create HTML, PDF  and word processing (RTF) documents that can be posted to a web site, emailed, or faxed to bidders. You can use the document formats included with APSWin or customize your own using the supplied templates.

Maintain bidder response information telling you who was sent solicitations and who responded. You can then remove these no response commodities and services from vendors who are not bidding. Print bid analysis reports and vendor no response notices.

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