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APSWin Stock Inventory Management

 Managing your inventory just got a lot easier!

 Include pictures that can appear in your inventory catalog and can be displayed online.


Enter your transactions quickly and easily.

APSWin Stock Inventory Management lets you automate vendors, commodities, stock items, inventory transactions, purchase requisitions and purchase orders.

 Benefits include:

Eliminate manual record keeping.

  Use data look ups to reduce errors.

  Track items for shelf life, low turnover, stock outs, etc.

  Use advanced features such as EOQ (economic order quantity) to maximize investments.

  Print pick lists in aisle/bin or destination sequence to minimize the time and effort required to satisfy customer requests.

  Print receiving exception reports to identify past due or incomplete shipments.

  Use APSWins ABC code to prioritize and select items for functions such as frequent counting of high dollar items.

  Audit operations by tracking item history.

  Use APSWins security features to control who has access and what operations they can perform.

Print item catalogs, bin labels, issue tickets, credit memos (returns), billing reports, receiving reports, value and performance analysis, count slips, purchase requisitions, purchase orders and many more.

Manage multiple sites and item locations.

  Use Average Price, LIFO, FIFO or Standard Pricing methods.


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